About Us

Flipeer was born years ago out of the private need of actual Real Estate developers in Southern California to comb through the Multiple Listing Service. What began as an experiment to find available projects on a rich and available database became a passion for the four Founders. It evolved organically into a tool that could be used by the first-time investor as well as the seasoned professional.

With a technical expertise second to none, Paulo and Javier run the arms and legs of the operation and have successfully brought this tool to fruition since its inception. Miguel and Jose have taken on the brains of the operation and feed up-to-date information that is pertinent to today’s Real Estate opportunities.

In our roadmap we envision Flipeer as the standard for the modern Real Estate investment; in the near future we will supplement our client’s experience with the Flipeer Marketplace to encompass the subconsultants, lenders, and contractors needed to successfully complete any development opportunity.